Thursday, 6 December 2012

Red Currants–Natures Jewels

red currants 2

Red currants glisten in the sun as they reach full ripeness at this time of the year.

Red currants and in fact white currants although considered sour by some add a tart richness to a green salads,  fresh vegetables or a fruit salad.I like adding them to salads for their rich colour .their glistening red adds colour early December when the tomatoes have only just set their fruit.I especially enjoy them just off the bush and think the white ones taste the best.

As they ripen during the festive season their colours make great decorations  for the Christmas table.They can also be used to top a cake or tart,decoration on a fruit punch or cocktail. Or served with cheese.

Red currant jelly are traditional with roasts of lamb, poultry and game birds.They also make an excellent glaze for brushing over pastries, cakes and open fruit tarts.white currants 2


150gm Dark coverture chocolate

100ml cream

8 teaspoons red currant jelly

4 tablespoons fresh red currants

Melt chocolate over a double boiler then  add the cream , stirring to combine.

Using small  glasses  place 2 teaspoons of red currant jelly into each glass then top with chocolate mixture leaving room at the top for fresh currants. Finish with a layer of fresh currants.

Chill 15 minutes before serving

A few more serving suggestions

christmas vegetable loafelderflower jelly with berrieschestnut cake

Best of all try them by themselves.Available now from our farm shop along with our yummy raspberries, fruit vinegars , Deb’s natural fibre baskets and more…………….!chip an'dip platter.

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