Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Nirvana Christmas

chestnut catkins

The air is filled with the scent of chestnut flowers and bees hovering in and out of the chestnuts then heading for the linden or bottlebrushes. Dragonflies,  hover flies and swarms of common brown butterflies are among the other insects filling the spaces in the orchards.





common brown butterfly



The berries provide the colour, red, yellow, purple, black, white and green. No need for Christmas decorations here. All the fruit trees have babuls of their ochristmas berrieswn, gifted with developing fruit.




The gosling which hatched late are fluffy with white down and developing feathers better than any fake or real snow. While the  RIR s chicks provide a lot of entrainment as their mother hen tries to keep control.




salad greens

The vegetable garden is green and lush, lots of salad greens, beans, and purple peas. The garlic has all been harvested but the onions are still developing. The scarlet runner beans are flowering, there are a few of their rough but yummy beans already. The tomatoes are green but growing and developing  as Scarlet runner bean flowerswell as  the cucumbers. Purple podded peas

The tunnel provides a warm home for the capsicums, eggplants, sweet potatoes and ginger.

December is onechristmas platter of our busiest times with the berry harvest and customers coming and going but when all the Christmas berry orders are picked up the valley will be quite and we can relax knowing we are having a good harvest.

And on Christmas day, after picking the berries we can retire to the veranda and relax with a simply yummy lunch created from the gardens and orchards. Our gifts are the beauty and diversity  nature  has created.Everlasting and always changing.


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