Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fruits, Nuts and Berries

I am often asked ‘what grows in the hills’ Growing conditions and seasons can be very localised. Heathfield is in the highest rainfall (1200mm) part of the hills. Many areas also have a variety of micro climates which is worth bearing in mind.

Fruit growing at Nirvana

Apple :Granny Smith, Golden delicious , Jonathon, Red Fuji,



*Raspberries: Nootka, Chiliwack, yellow’ , Heritagenirvana berries

*Blackcurrant: Hatton black, Baldwin, Magnus

*Red currant

*White currant

*English gooseberries: Farmers glory, Green Giant, Yorkshire champion, Late red.


Blue berries: Northland, Blue Rose, Denise, Brigitta, Blue Rose


Bunya pine


*Chestnuts (a mix of varieties)

Citrus:Tangelo: Minneola;Mandarins; Kara, Imperial; Blood orange; Maltese; Seville orange;Navel orange; Washington;Sweet orange; Grapefruit: Marsh; Lemon; Myer: rough seedling; Tahitian Lime; Kaffir Lime

Crab Apple; Eleyi


Fig:Spanish Dessert, Brown, Luscious Ruby, yellow


American Table: Himrod (white), Venus (black), Glenora (blue), Canadice (red), Kyoho (black)

Guava:Chilean guava (myrtus ugni), Strawberry guava

Hazelnut: White American, Ennis, Cosford

*Kiwi Fruit: Bruno,kiwi fruit brunoHayward

Loquat: Enormity, Herds Mammoth

Macadamia: Nutty glen, H2


Mulberry: *Black English, Hicks fancy, White Shahtoot, Red Shahtoot,White Fruiting

Nashi: 20th century


Peach: Golden Queen

Pear:Dutchess, Packhams Triumph

Persimmon:Fuyu Gaki

Plums: Satsuma, Formosa,Narrabeen, Wickson

Prunes: Robe de Sergeant,Splendor


Quince: Smyrna


Hops;Pride of Ringwood





* These are our commercial crops.


Organic Food said...

Organic food means the food cultivated without the use of chemicals either pesticides, fertilizers or of any kind, but fertilization is achieved with compost, vermin compost and numerous other techniques for maintaining soil fertility and balance.
Organic Food

Deborah Cantrill said...

That may be one defination and only part of the story. Most 'organic' producers use many'organic'products dasigned to 'get rid of things'.
The way we farm is with life. We have, over 30 years built a dynamic eco system where everything interact with everything else to create a whole system. We have no need for pesticides, fungcides,or brought in fertilizers 'organic' or otherwise. Nirvana Farm is biodynamic and far far beyond organics.
PS 'Organic' pesticides and the like are still designed to kill. so when you use them you will never reach a true balance with your enviroment.
Oh yes The proof is in the quality of our produce and the life that abounds here.