Monday, 17 October 2011



Nirvana gardens and orchards are truly poultry heaven where the poultry work together as part of the MFP for the benefit of the garden




Sunrise is heralded in by Robert Rooster Early Morning Calls and after a delicious breakfast of bran and Deb’s mix of special chooky herbs like nettles,rue,wormwood, comfrey and chard its time to concentrate on the tasks at hand in the garden.





On arrival at ourclip_image014r garden you will be Greeted by Honky Tonk Alarms










And then checked out by the staff of Black Bitch Security


Tails Up Mowing and Fertilizer Service are out tending to the orchard ground covers

overseen by Black Bitch Security


Around the MFP headquarters you will find the Speckley Egg Co operating at full capacity.


Red Hen Hatchery has hatched a dividend and they will soon be being trained to be valuable members of the MFP community



Amongst the cover of the gardens you will notice the Beak and Claw Weed Control in action with mulch and soil flying everywhere



.Or you notice them on a break or getting a drink from a close by bird bath.

Bird feathers are tended to in many large dust baths around the garden.Or they may just be sitting around the garden enjoying its ambience.



Mother Goose Natural Hatchery are busily

sitting on feather lined nests waiting patientlyclip_image004[8]

for more yellow fluff balls to hatch

  while others care for their newly hatched goslings.Mother Goose Post Natal Care has a group of young goslings grazing on short grass close to the house.A good sign for a prosperous future.






All workers of the MFP contribute to a super scheme, which combines their resources for the

U-Kekt-It Compost Company which pays big dividends for the gardens and orchards ensuring a

good future for the MFP community.






As the sun goes down all the members of the MFP return to their cosy homes guarded by employees of Black Bitch Security until the sun rises

on another day to spend in the gardens and orchards.



Von said...

Love it!!!Love it so much I'm posting a link for all my lovely admirers of the feathers.Here down in The Basin goose sitting has come to an end for the year and order and calm have been restored.

vancouver trader said...

I love organic food, stimulate good vibes and increase your stamina, focus and attention span throughout a nerve-racking day. And on top of all its very good to our body.

organic zealot said...

I would love to visit your farm someday and let my children experience living in a country side farm. Fresh air, foods, water and just a simple life.

Carlene said...

What an awesome experience it would be to be invited as a wwoofer to share your magic. I will write to request a position.