Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Herbs and more

One of our greatest joys is going out the back door and being greeted by the herb garden. This vibrant herb garden was transformed from a drab ‘lawn’. This area also provides a great place to sit under the shade of the honeysuckle and share a drink on a hot afternoon.
We are keeping it well watered at present as our bushfire plan includes keeping the 3 sides of the house where the main fire risk comes from green by regular watering. This also has helped keep the house cool during the current heatwave .

The vegies are growing well but the hot weather has made it difficult for the seeds to germinate. Shade is needed to keep the area damp and increase the humidity to allow for germination. The strawberries are producing bumper crops but the asparagus has finished.

The rest of the house garden are also filled with plenty of colour, scents and life.
At least the hot weather allows me to get some sowing done as well as more basketry projects

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Ting said...

The herb garden looks great Deb.