Monday, 16 November 2009

A Close Encounter!

Today I had a reminder of how dangerous some farming activities can be. While returning the self –propelled slasher to the shed via the chestnut hill (a steep slope) it jumped out of gear and started running backwards increasingly faster down the slope. I was trapped between the handles and kept running backwards until I fell and the machine ran me over trapping one of my legs under it. Fortunately the mower blades where turned off. There I was stuck and screaming out for help. Quentin, who was mowing on the other hill finally heard and came to my rescue, lifting the heavy machine off my leg. Fortunately for me I only suffered some nasty bruises and skun elbows. This is an important wake up call as I often work alone and there is no one to help.

Today being a cooler day after the first ever November heatwave , which is set to continue this week , we were keen to get stuck into the long list of things to do before harvest and before Quentin’s knee operation which will put him out of action for all our berry harvest.

Early mornings are really the only time to get things done in the orchard before the searing heat drives you indoors. By the time the sun starts to fade and the evening cools your usually too drained to do anything except tend the vegie garden and relax.

Another job on the list is to set up an irrigation system on the raspberries. Being in a cool damp valley they have never needed additional water until last year. There is still plenty of moisture there at present, but it’s only November and we are in the middle of a heatwave and my midweek it’s expected to reach 41oC. The Red currants, and cherries are turning red, the gooseberries are large and succulent and will need their protective bird netting put up this week. At this rate I expect the raspberries to be early as well.

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Ting said...

Oh, I am sorry. I'm glad you are okay.
Hope all the harvest will be alright this year.