Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Busy Spring

Recent events at Nirvana Diversity of a small mixed orchard.

Spring workshop season ended this month with Deb conducting an extra biodynamic workshop.

Nirvana also hosted several school tours .Firstly a visit by Bridgewater Primary School who are part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation a school gardening and cooking program. Then several groups from Belair Primary who were studding the concept ‘From paddock to Plate’ and where and how food is grown.

The basketry workshop weaving magic naturally’ was also a successful day of learning, sharing and creating.

Next event is the BERRY SEASON Where you can buy fresh berries direct from our farm shop. The berries have travelled no more than 300 metres. Red and white currants, English gooseberries and Raspberries in December and black currants and mulberries in January.


GooseBreeder said...

Excdellent,can't wait.Good news about Bridgewater Primary being part of Stephanie's program.

dyeve said...

just wonderful!..smiles

Anonymous said...

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