Friday, 24 October 2008

The Season of Growth,Grass and Sharing Skills

Spring is the time that we are surrounded with new life and rampant growth. The berries in our little valley take a while to dry out enough to enable them to be weeded. Now that is mostly done, all the biodynamic preparations have been applied its time to turn our attention to mowing.
While the geese and goslings have been doing their bit grazing the orchards , they can’t quite keep up with the spring flush .
Mowing is very important in the orchard as the living mulch is cut to produce a protective layer of mulch ,over the season it will be cut around 3 times producing valuable organic matter some of which act as mulch and the rest is consumed by the soil micro organisms , especially after being sprayed with biodynamic cow-pat-pit after mowing.
This living mulch becomes even more important as although the winter rainfall was average, the normal spring rains have not come and Spring has all too quickly turned to Summer.
This year all the berries have been mulched with sawdust. The last few years I’ve been trialing this in the red & black currants and it has proven successful.

Spring is also a busy time with workshops. Again a great group of eager students have soaked up what our living classroom and Deb's experience has to offer.
This weekend members of the Adelaide Hills Biodynamic Group will come and we will dig up the horns and compost preparations.

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