Friday, 24 October 2008

International Identity finds Nirvana

Earlier in Spring we had a visit from Mr. Farhad Mazhar, Managing director of UBING, Bangladesh (Policy for Development Alternative) who created one of the biggest community seed banks in the world and is a leading player in South Asian bio-diverse and ecological agricultural movements.

He spent a morning with us seeing how our biodynamic practices reflected our diversity & lifestyle. Seeds and seed saving were also compared as we strolled around the orchards. His visit was the initiative of Sue Germein, who together with Jacquie Emery from World Vision, accompanied him.

Mr. Mazhar was touring Australia as an invited guest of One Just World and was in Adelaide addressing a Hawke Centre public lecture at the Adelaide Town Hall. The topic being “Will the world be able to feed itself in 2050? Food security and the developing world.”
Rev. Tim Costello, CEO of World vision and Sophia Murphy, Senior advisor, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy based in Minneapolis. USA also addressed the group. The session put listeners in the know about the current state of world food security , how the food aid dollar is used and expert views on solutions.