Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Berry Harvest

The berry harvest has been very slow so far due to a southerly weather pattern and regular small showers of rain resulting in cooler than average temperatures that have slowed ripening. Customers have been hanging out for their Christmas raspberries so by Christmas every berry had someone’s name on it!
So with those busy days leading up to Christmas over it was no wonder the dogs crashed out before the first course was over.

We had a pleasant slow day sharing with neighbour June and a couple of German wwoofers, which meant a vegetarian dish or two. So we tucked into a chestnut and walnut pate en croute (recipe from Wendy E Cook’s Biodynamic food and Cookbook) with plenty of roast vegies and salads all washed down with Elderflower champagne, Limeade and other special brews from the cellar.-Truly a local fare from our own harvests.
The cooler weather has also allowed a lot of the brushcutting to be completed as part of the annual bushfire prevention clean up, pity the neighbours did not do the same!
It really good working weather but most of our days are spent picking and then selling. At least Quentin can watch the cricket in between customers and while he’s manning the shop I can get some gardening done.
Another job to get done is thinning out the kiwi fruit to ensure a crop of good sized fruit. Any day the mulberries will ripen and it will be back to harvest, selling and sharing with customers.

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