Sunday, 8 July 2012

Kiwifruit Harvest

kiwi fruit brunoKiwifruit are the last of the deciduous fruits to be harvested. most commercial crops are harvested in May, at this time they can be stored for a long time and really only ripen when taken from cold storage then  allowed to ripen. However when left on the vine to ripen  and harvested in July they are fully ripe and can be eaten straight away. They do not store as long  BUT their  taste is amazingly great.

Our Kiwifruit had a bit of disaster this season when in April a large stringy bark branch crashed right through the middle breaking the trellis posts , wires and plants.


Now the kiwifruit has been harvested I can get in and prune them before replacing the posts and wires.

Kiwifruit are great to eat fresh, their refreshing taste is so good and blends well with winter climate. They also add a zing to a green salad and go well on a cheese platter. As with most fruits they can also be turned into cakes,topping sorbets ,chutneys and jam.

They also dry extremely well , although they are time consuming to peel.They also blunted knives rather quickly. We like dried kiwifruit in our porridge and muesli . They also glace nicely.

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Anonymous said...

Good to know there is safe to eat kiwi fruit available in south australia. Just heard on radio 1395 about New Zealand kiwi fuit treated with a banned chemical (we cannot use in Australia) that is dangerous for our health. But the health department think it is OK to import the fruit with same chemical. This chemical is banned in America as well as Australia.