Sunday, 6 September 2009

September, but it's not quite Spring yet.

For most of Adelaide Spring is deemed to start on the 1st of September but here in the cool Adelaide Hills it does not really arrive till around the equinox.

It is very noticeable from the winter solstice that the days are lengthening, the buds start swelling, chooks start their laying season after the moult, the geese and wild birds start nesting. All signs that Spring is approaching but not yet here. The soil is cold and the sound of ‘squish’ comes to mind as the valley struggles to take in anymore water. The plants are smiling as they know there will be enough moisture to get them comfortably through the coming Summer. Such waterlogging could be a problem but the berries are all planted on raised beds. The weeding needs to be delayed to the end of September early October so as not to damage the soil.

With the tragic loss of little Hebe back in May we have finally found a replacement fox deterrent/poultry guard. .Late August saw the arrival of our new ‘family’ member Mika, a 9 month old kelpieX . Who is very keen and already progressing very well in her retraining.

Frank is also enjoying having another dog to run

and play with as well as sharing the guard duties.He is more than a little bemused at her passion for toys especially balls.

The geese have been sitting for 3 weeks so next week we expect to see goslings.

When the soil warms a little and the rain and excess water has soaked in it will be time to get stirring and put out the Spring biodynamic preparations.

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