Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Biodynamic Autumn

Tonight I sat on the veranda and celebrated the completion of putting out the autumn bio dynamic preparations. After a long hot and dry summer it was wonderful that autumn arrived and delivered some much needed rain, although the springs have not started running or the creek flowing yet it’s a good start.

If the ants are any indication the serious rains are on the way as they have built up their nests at least 4inches.

While walking through the orchard the other morning I noticed the most amazing aroma, an aroma I had never experienced before, an aroma that eclipsed that of rain on dust! Up to that moment my most favourite smell. But the earthy, damp, sweet, like humus rich compost aroma filled the air.It felt like the soil had become light and moved into the air. I thought may be being morning it was rising from the earth and the dew had contributed to the aroma and feel so I returned latter in the morning then early afternoon and again at sunset it was the same lingering aroma each time –just magic, in fact I just need to keep coming back for more. For about a week now it’s been the same and I feel it's a result of the intense program of bio dynamic preparations I have been applying.

As we had endured a long dry and very hot summer I thought a concentrated effort of bio dynamic preps would be the ideal way for the orchard to celebrate autumn. A mix of yarrow tea and barrel compost was used 3x on consecutive days followed by 500 on the fourth day. .Although our property is only small (4.5ha) this has taken 12 days of stirring and putting out as I always dived into 3 sections based on crop and soil type. It’s been a wonderful experience if not tiring on the knees. I also made sure all the terrace banks had a good dose of barrel compost by putting out most areas by hand.

Rain is expected for the next few days so I’ll be interested to see if the aroma persists. Rudolf Steiner said each occupation had a sense to develop and for farmers it was smell.

Such experiences make farming worthwhile and enduring such a harsh summer helps see deeper into nature’s processes..

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