Monday, 2 February 2009

When Cool Green turns to Brown Crunchy

It’s just heartbreaking the devastation of the current heatwave. While the home vegie garden has faired well, the valley which is normally cool, lush green, filled with crops such as raspberries, kiwifruits, currants, gooseberries, hazel nuts, grapes plus a few apples and plums which have all flourished over the last 20+ years without irrigation, today the leaves and fruit are sunburnt, they look tired and in need of some cool weather and life giving rain other wise they may perish. The irrigated chestnuts have suffered some losses and like last year reduced yields, size and quality would be likely if the crop can last til harvest. The walnuts ,well what can I say what nuts where there are now on the ground along with shredded leaves, thanks to the black cockatoos ,sulphur crested cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets.
The temperature range has been frightening, looking back at our temperature records of days 40 or over, all where single events except 2006 where there where 2 connective days. So far the recordings 34, 42, 45, 43, 43, 42, 39 and today it are already 37 and what of the next few days? I suppose on the positive side we have had relatively still conditions and been spared the wind and therefore bushfires unlike the Victorians. News of crop losses are increasing daily apples, grapes the latest causalities.
Global warming is here to stay and I don’t see any political will to slow down the effects, they are too busy worrying about a global recession and bailing out greedy businesses- for what purpose soon the planet earth won’t be inhabitable so where will the mighty dollar be then?

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