Friday, 30 January 2009

Keeping cool in a heat wave

The days start early with poultry, irrigation, mulberry picking and a general overall check before the morning heat becomes intense and its time to retreat to the relatively cool house. Our 1870’s house usually stays cool with its thick stone walls, thick curtains, high ceilings and well insulated roof. Inside cooling is via a ceiling fan plus a portable fan. We have a routine of opening it up as soon as the outside temperature is lower than outside. In prolonged heat the stone finely heats up and last night it was very late before the outside temperature dropped enough to open up the house. This morning its cool again compared to outside

Here's some highlights of my early morning stroll through the vegetable garden.

Pumpkin patch

Austrian oilseed pumpkin

January plantings

January plantings of winter vegetables

Black Salsify

And the herb garden

Artichoke- imperial star

Mexican Tarragon -tagetes lucida

More pictures of the summer vegetable gardens

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Maggie said...

You garden looks great Deb.