Sunday, 14 September 2008

You know it's Spring when

These guys appear

I have noticed that the flowering bushes and trees are especially vibrant and abundant this year.

Have you ever noticed that in some years the different qualities of the plant world seem to be accentuated? Like a year of blossoms, a year of leaves, good cabbages, a year of fruit, when pumpkins and cucumbers grow to profusion. Or a good root year when the parsnips and carrots grow to perfection. Do these phenomena follow a rhythm? Is it the rhythm of the sun from year to year that influence the plants? What do you think?


Ting said...

I did massive sowing last few days. The garden bed are dry and hard:(

Can't wait to see the geese bebes.

Maggie said...

Great photos Deb.

Kate said...

Hi Deb, I am just showing your blog to Laura at Mas du Diable!