Monday, 17 March 2008

CRUNCH, Crunch, crunch

That is the sound of footsteps in the orchard as I harvest the chestnuts. Everything as gone crispy under foot and in the air, a strange cracking sound came from an uphill chestnut, I looked up expecting to see a flock of Adelaide Rosella in the tree but no, it was the sound of dry leaves breaking from the tree and landing on the dry grass. Such as been March so far. The record heat wave has hit this valley hard, just at the time when we should
Be riffling through damp leaves in the morning drizzle. Throughout the hills orchardist are facing this force as they try to harvest apples and pears. Since the beginning of March this is how our temperature reading has gone.
1 29 C Max 10C Min
2 33 & 10
3 35 & 15
4 37 & 18
5 38 & 19
6 37 & 19
7 38 & 22
8 40 & 23
9 39 & 24
10 38 & 17
11 36 & 16
12 38 & 28
13 39 & 24
14 37 & 19
15 37 & 22
16 38 & 23
Today’s temperature is predicted at 39 C. The March average temperatures 22.8 C Max 10.6C min. March average rainfall is 44mm so far 0
Despite the heat and dry conditions the quality of the chestnuts are very good, the yield will be down 2/3rds and it will cool down soon (I hope) and then people will want some hot roasted chestnuts .Until then they are safely stored in the cold room What the long term effects on the orchard will be only time will tell.


Kate said...

Bloody horrible is the only thing there is to say. You do a wonderful job Deb. Soon it will rain and give us some relief. What happens after that who knows? NZ is looking more attractive every day!

Maggie said...

The chestnuts look great, first time I have seen them, I was wondering what they looked like inside, beautiful colours.