Wednesday, 21 August 2013

In the pink – mulching with petals

Having a self reliant garden is an important part of our overall aims at Nirvana.Everything is recycled in some way or other resulting in soils jumping with life and producing a top quality integrated environment where all life thrives.

So when the CamillaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         a trees are in flower they are seen for their beauty 


But also the usefulness of the fallen petals.The ones falling on the surrounding footpaths are raked up and used as mulch. All that fall around the tree are left to be turned ,with the help of biodynamic preparations into top quality humus. Over the 30 years we have been here the camellias have never needed fertilizer and have only been watered in times of extreme drought , mainly to prevent the house cracking!  The tree grows so well it needs pruning with a chainsaw to prevented it growing over, and crashing on the veranda.


This mulch usually known around here as ‘fairy carpet’ not only is valuable as it evolves into humus it looks great especially on a grey winters day. It also means that Spring is around the corner.

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africanaussie said...

Fairy carpet mulch - oh how beautiful!