Monday, 3 September 2012

Nirvana Lemonade

The odd warm day reminds me to put a batch of lemonade on so that when summer arrives I have a refreshing drink ready for relaxing on the veranda at the end of the day.This alcoholic lemonade (around 4%) could just as well be called a beer-(similar to ginger beer ) It can be made out of any citrus or a mix- lemon and lime is excellent. In fact we have used the same recipe with plums.I prefer this drink fairly tart but if you have a sweet tooth you can use less tart fruit like myer lemons or oranges. or rather than adding the whole fruit,peel off the rind thinly,then peel off the pith from the fruit before proceeding.  


2Kg lemons * cut into quarters.

1.5 Kg sugar.

Beer Yeast

Cover lemons and sugar with water, bring to boil, simmer 10 minutes (to neutralise any wild yeasts). Decant into brew bin and top-up to 20 litres. The brew temperature should be between 25-35c. Add ‘Coopers’ beer yeast, or similar. Brew takes between 7-9 days.

Brew should be kept between 25-35c. There are commercial heaters for home-brew, or use a light bulb in a tea chest, or an old electric blanket

Into clean sterilised bottles add one level teaspoon of sugar to each bottle and then siphon lemonade into the bottles. Seal and wait at least 10 days before drinking. Lemonade will keep for months.

*Lemonade can be made from most citrus. Try a mix of lemons and limes, Myer lemons and rough lemons, oranges, blood oranges, cumquats, whatever!

Brewing at Nirvana

Home Brew Box.This is a converted  sewing box.
Home brew box
As well as a door Its lid lifts to allow siphoning from the top without having to move and therefore disturb the brew.
top of home brew box
There is a light for heating inside.Its connected to a dimmer switch to allow for adjustments.
heating home brew
The siphon has a block of wood on the end so it floats on top. avoiding disturbing the dregs.

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