Monday, 20 February 2012

It’s raining HAZELNUTS!

This season has been excellent for the hazelnuts we have around 30 trees some of which are very young.Most produced good crops this season.We use for our own consumption or bartering other goods with as the scale and work involved ,its not worth selling them if we sold them either fresh or value added. The trees enjoy our cool spring fed valley and grow and produce very well.

The shady hazelnut grove
shady hazelnut grove

hazelnuts on tree basket of hazelnuts

One of the amazing things about the hazelnut harvest in a hazelnut in our front garden near the garden studio which has both red and green foliage. It has been here long before we came. Over the years I would open some to find only blank nuts. Now it has lots of full yummy kernels so each time I walk out to my studio I pause and collect a few more nuts.

garden hazelnuts harvesting garden hazelnuts

The garden hazel has wonderful red ‘skirts’ and lovely full kernels with red skins.I think I'll make something special out of these for the opening of 'Morphing Nature' our Fring Basketry SA exhibition.

We are looking forward to lots of hazelnut dishes throughout the year. We also had a good macadamia harvest from our 2 trees this year.So we are now hoping for a good chestnut harvest.