Friday, 15 October 2010

Enjoying Spring

Winter seemed cold and drawn out  which means it was  a typical hills winter - grey and damp. The past few winters have been cold yet sunny. The grey meant we had average rainfall at long last so hopefully their is enough subsoil moisture to get us through the coming  summer.

Spring 009Spring 012

Now spring has  arrivebackground 004d and everything looks wonderful and fresh. So good that you want to be out there all day. The morning and evening scents are also so full of fragrance ,  gentle  and refreshing.

The frogs are busy calling  while the birds display their riches plumes.While weeding the berries  the blue wrens follow me along the rows chasing the tiny lives I’ve disturbed.

It would not be Spring at Nirvanabd 005 without those fast growing yellow fluff ball goslings that quickly turn into mini geese as they continually graze the orchards.

Spring 004

Spring is a special time to observe and enjoy.


Von said...

It's been a wonderful Winter and the best Spring I can remember in ages.My goslings are flourishing too.

Kate said...

It has been beautiful here in Tasmania too but the weeds are as high as an elephant's eye with the rain then sun then more rain. I am hoping to get some geese next week.