Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Preparing the Home Vegetable Garden for Winter.

New Folder (3) As the weather finally cools the Summer vegies come to an end its now time to ensure a bountiful supply of vegies throughout winter an well into Spring.The garden has been largely ignored over the past month or so save for harvesting meal by meal and planting as we have been busy with chestnut harvest and relocating the shed.Now its time to harvest the last of the tomatoes, pumpkins, basil ,zucchinis and beans and then  plan the winter –spring garden. I also have to ensure there is enough vacant space to bury the biodynamic compost preparations.

New Folder (3)1 Many of the winter goodies where planted as seeds in February and now need to be transplanted into their own space these include cauliflowers,kale, cabbage and broccoli.The tunnel house has been planted with lettuce,mache, chard and  miners’ lettuce . On the next new moon seedlings from the garden can be transplanted into the tunnel. Although all these vegies grow outside in the garden it is amazing how much extra heat  one thin bit of plastic can provide.This means everything grows faster and sweeter than out in the Adelaide Hills cold. By regularly transplanting vegies a continual harvest is achieved especially for greens. slower growing brassicas also benefit.While out in the garden parsnips,turnips,carrots, beetroot and the rest of the brassicas can develop. 

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