Thursday, 4 March 2010

Changing Seasons

As we pick the last of the mulberries , the packing shed coverts briefly into a classroom before the chestnut season begins.

The courses are generally slow to fill at this time of the year despite being the best time to establish gardens and compost. In general most people think of such things in Spring , missing the best establishment opportunities.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Much of the last few weeks has been dominated by basketry activities. Its time to collect, dry and store  much of the material needed plus  Basketry SA’s exhibition, ‘Warp on the Wild Side’ is now in progress.Being my first  at such and event has been a busy time preparing as well as a rewarding experience and steep learning curve.


At the Bottom of the Garden’

Gardens can house many secret lives if we take the time to look.

Gnomes are the elemental being connected with all that is below in the earth, and the fertility of the soil. Since the soil is more active and alive in winter, I like to think that in summer they emerge from deep within the earth to frolic in the summer sunshine, revitalizing themselves like the sun trapped in quartz crystals. If you venture to the bottom of my garden you may find their summer house amongst the grasses and faded flowers along with a few other seasonal visitors.

Like the common brown butterfly you’ll find resting amongst dead leaves and grasses. They are masters of camouflage even reducing their shadow by leaning to one side. They fly in waves amongst the orchard trees emerging from the dry summer grass.

Ants are also connected with the earth and like gnomes most of their activities are underground, they also like undisturbed areas. Their nests within the soil creating tunnels and spaces that help water infiltrate the soil while the ants busy themselves foraging, thus keeping the place tidy.


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