Thursday, 22 January 2009

Lunch on the Verge

The Tour Down Under provided an ideal opportunity to get together with neighbours and friends as our road was being closed for the race. It would pass by our gate 3 times at lunchtime, great excuse for a party. The tables where set up along the verge and we watched a cavalcade of bikes, cars, lots of police motor bikes (we did not know the state had that many!) pass by before finally hearing the whoosh of the race pass by. Time to chat again before it all happened a couple more times.

We enjoyed a delicious range of food plus some of my raspberry wine and Bernard’s home-grown homemade champagne and of course Quentin’s beer.

We have no idea who won nor do we care ....but we had a very pleasant summer’s afternoon!


Ting said...

The picture on the top looks great^^

Lucky-1 said...

What a great idea.:D