Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Goose , goose and more goose! But with plenty of fresh vegies!

At this time of the year the harvests are magic, little time is required in the gardens save for a little therapeutic weeding, planting and harvesting. There is no need to water, although there has been little rain the evening dews are sufficient. Yesterday the seeds for June where planted, some in the garden and some in planters in the cold frame, some extras where planted for Laurens new garden. See sidebar for what we planted.

At lunch Quentin announced that I should create dinner out of the left over goose since I hadn’t cooked ‘for weeks’. Yes he had roasted a goose ,stuffed with chestnuts with all the vegies out of the garden on Friday for my birthday, on Saturday we had soup at the Mylor Primary School bonfire and fireworks night, Sunday we celebrated with neighbor June for her 8 years here. I had made a chestnut, chocolate and orange cake. (cakes don’t count ) on Monday he had turned the goose and the vegies I picked into a delicious stir-fry Hardly a week but now it was my turn to use up the rest of the goose.

The cold wind drove me inside earlier than usual, Lauren and I had picked some salad greens and other goodies so now, warm inside I could think about dinner. Firstly got the salad made it consisted of mixed lettuce, chicory, celery, fennel ,miners lettuce, watercress, green wave mustard, mountain spinach, chard, spring onions ,spinach, navel oranges and mandarin. It looked wonderful, next challenge was to create something to complement the goose and other fresh vegies (Quentin calls this doing an ‘iron chef’).
So here my dish
I took a smallish pumpkin and cut the top out, scooped out the seeds and baked it for about an hour. Meanwhile I sautéed some onion, garlic, leek, carrots, fennel, turnips and celery mixed in the goose along with some of the roasted pumpkin. I then mixed a little falafel mix soaked in water, some flour and 3 eggs. Mixed it with the vegies and goose and poured it into the pumpkin, of course it had grown so some was also put in a baking dish. It was then baked for half an hour. It was delicious and there is enough for tonight and probable lunch tomorrow.

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