Monday, 18 February 2008

Summer Evenings

It’s nice to get in the swing of regular BBQs again. Our barbie has been rebuilt i.e. a ‘new’ ½ 44gal drum. This one is a good heavy duty one and took a bit of cutting but will last many years and the other half is there ready for when it finally burns out. I love cooking with wood; it has a special quality especially when you grow your own.

The garden provides the vegetables and fresh salads. The meat is usually local and bartered. Last week we had Urrbrae sausages that Maggie & Bob brought along to the wine making. Last night we had Gibberagunyah lamb chops from out at Nairne. Part of a whole lamb swamped for a couple of geese. Not many food miles to our veranda.

Such meals are simple and a great celebration of fresh flavorsome foods. When ever the weather is not too cold we eat in our dinning area on the veranda enjoying the peaceful view and sights and sounds of the birds before the dark takes over.

Last night the moon was extremely bright. The moon is full on Thursday and it also reaches perigee which means it’s closest to the earth for this month. This intensifies the effect of the full moon. Therefore Tuesday is vegetable seed planting day. Especially important for getting winter vegetables going before the cold sets in. The main challenge is finding space for these as the summer vegetables are just reaching their peak.

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Scarecrow said...

I think bartered meat tastes best.

Up this way Doc swaps computer skills for local 'saltbush mutton'...yum!