Thursday, 6 December 2007

Flowing with the Seasons

December is awash with red and green. In the shopping centres there is the holly and the ivy, down on the farm there is red of the ripening raspberries and the wonderful contrast of the radiant green leaves. Adding to our living garden are the cacophony of small birds flitting nervously amongst the trees which shade the fertile valley. Other berries are ripening too. Blackcurrants are colouring and the large green gooseberries look almost translucent and ready to burst. There are red currants and white currants under the curved canopy of protecting leaves. The last of the white shahtoot mulberries are ripening

We are picking raspberries every day now and people are dropping in to the farm to buy raspberries. It is nice to stop picking for a few minutes and chat with regulars who enjoy buying directly from the producer. We receive direct feedback and the visitors take away high quality, fresh, biodynamic food. Our produce is available exclusively from here.

On arrival you will be greeted by Deb or Quentin.

as well as Frank

and Hebe

The gardens have developed over the years to provide a cool & relaxed feel to visitors.

Woven fences & screen add to the uniqueness

Apart from the initial shed, the farm shop is constructed from all recycled materials.

and the view! Only from Nirvana. Look forward to your visit.

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