Friday, 30 November 2007

Berry Nice

Spring has reached it's crescendo in the hills with lots of growth ,colour and activity.

The goslings (better known as "Tails up mowing ans fertiliser company") are are growing fast as they graze on the orchard pasture, while the chooks are busy discovering a host of goodies that live in the soil.
Most of the fruit trees have flowered and set fruit and the hills and valleys are looking wonderfully productive. The bees are enjoying the vast array of flowers while the shahtoot mulberries are sort after by everyone

Today the air is full of chestnut essence as the catkins hang low with the extra weight.

This also means the berries are ripening and my days are spent harvesting and selling these in a fleeting season that lasts until Christmas. For many of our customers fresh raspberries or currants are the highlight of their Christmas feast.

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