Monday, 24 September 2007

The Winter Harvest

With the coming of spring its time to review the winter season.
This winter we ate very well from our home veggie garden boosted by what grew in the tunnel.
This year I aimed to produce a wide range of veggies that would sustain us over winter. The main challenge is getting the seeds going in the February heat in order to those slow growing things ,cabbage, caulies, swedes going so they can be harvested by mid winter.
The successes
TURNIPS these grew so well I had to invent ways of serving them. The swedes, which I think taste much better were much slower and really need to be planted much eerier.
CABBAGE where slow to develop but a move to the tunnel was able to hurry them along to harvestable size by mid winter.
CARROTS The ‘see-more’ carrots are always good –so sweet in winter.
KALE was excellent and made good soups. Best planted mid-late spring.
PARSNIPS Never enough of these – My favorite roast vegetable.
GREENS winter is a good time for greens we enjoyed them almost every day. Lettuce – all types, mache, cress, green wave mustard lettuce, rocket, parsley (by the bucket full) endive, leaf chicory, and big favorite celery and the juicy miners lettuce.
The beetroot tops and latter on roots were good.
The best part is always having something to choose from in a GARDEN GROWN FOR FRESHNESS
Now that spring has arrived its time to plant a new range of vegetables so stay tuned.

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